HOMEServices Sea Transports

Sea Transports

Through our transportations we connecting the harborts of the world, always with respect to the marine environment!

We  connect  the harbors of the world by transporting the merchandise of our partners, always respecting the marine environment!

Having a long-standing presence in the maritime/sea transport market, we are able to offer high-quality transport services.



We also specialize in Short Range Shipping (SSS), as we have an excellent knowledge of its needs and its operations. We create Scale Economies to provide reliable and cost-effective shipping services.

During the four-year period 2015 - 2018, we transported:



~ Pearlite: 152.304 t

~ Puice: 121.494 t


~ Gypsum: 84.478 t       


~ Aggregates: 780.983 t   


~ Clinker: 223.736 t


 ~ Other Materials: 2.482.789 t